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Roasted Lambchetta Stuffed with Weeds & Flowers

This was one of the demo recipes from Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville. In the Big Food Talk (aka: Ethical Meats for the Honest Omnivore), I discuss eating the whole animal AND the whole plant, and how to cook up things you didn't know you could eat. Hence, the "weeds" in this roast. Really, they're not weeds. They're perfectly edible plants called chickweed and lambsquarters, but most people think of them as weeds, because they're coming from the wrong angle. Here, the greens combine with collard flowers (yes!) for a bright "pesto-style" stuffing.

1 lambchetta, cut as directed in the book.

2 cups mixed chickweed, lambsquarter, and collard flowers

3 T olive oil, maybe more

2 T garlic, chopped

juice from 1/2 lemon

2 T. balsamic vinegar

sea salt and fresh ground pepper

fresh italian herbs, such as parsley, fennel, savory, thyme, etc.

Preheat the oven to 450F. In a food processor, combine the "weeds and flowers", lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and some salt and pepper. Process to a paste. If you need more moisture, add additional olive oil. Taste and adjust lemon juice, salt and pepper as needed. 

Unroll the lambchetta and spread all of the "weeds and flowers pesto" down the inside of the loin. Roll the lambchetta up, starting with the loin, and ending with the belly. Tie with butcher twine every two inches. Now, rub the outside of the lambchetta with the balsamic, herbs, and some additional salt and pepper. 

Roast the lambchetta at 450F for about 15 minutes to crisp up the outside. Then, turn the heat down to 350F to finish the job, removing the roast from the oven when the internal temperature is about 120F. 


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