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 1 C. stone ground corn grits
2 C. water
2 C. vegetable broth
salt and pepper
some good tomato sauce, preferable homemade
8 oz. plain or garlic goat chevre
some mozzarella cheese, or other cheese for pizza topping
6 oz. good, dry salami, homemade if you’re awesome (buy my book to learn how)
leftover roasted radicchio
leftover caramelized carrots (why not?)
½ of a paper grocery bag, without ink

In a soup pot, boil the vegetable broth and water together, and add salt and pepper. Add the corn grits gradually, whisking them in to prevent clumping. Reduce the heat to low, place the paper bag over the pot, and then place the pot’s lid on. Allow the polenta to thicken over the coarse of about 20 minutes. When it’s done, remove it from the heat, and mix in any leftover fennel-radish pistou.

Preheat the oven to 375F – 400F. Grease a pizza pan or sheet pan with olive oil. Add polenta-pistou mixture to the pan, and press it down until you’ve created a ¾” layer. Do this with the back of a spoon, as the polenta will be very hot.

Spread half of your pizza sauce on the polenta crust and then pre-bake the crust for 15 minutes. Prepare the cheese and toppings in the meantime.

After pre-baking the crust, top with the rest of the sauce, and toppings as desired. I made two pizzas: one with the radicchio leftovers for me, and one with salami, onion, and cheese for the boys. We enjoyed the pizzas with a small side salad.


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