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6:00 pm18:00

Sauces to Elevate your Cooking

From mother sauces to marinades, salad dressings, and even salsa, knowing the principles of sauces can take your cooking to a whole new level. In this class we will share the foundations of sauce-making, plus we will taste some creative adaptations that will boost your confidence and culinary abilities.

Location: French Broad Food Co-op, Asheville NC


Sep 16

Prepper Camp, Saluda NC

Survivalists unite for annual Prepper Camp. I'll be teaching whole animal butchery and intro to pure charcuterie. 

Tickets available from Prepper Camp

Sep 26

Carolina Meat Conference

The largest gathering of pastured meat-makers in the country! Farmers, chefs, butchers, and industry leaders convene for two-days of unparalleled networking, hands-on training, and technical and business assistance. This conference supports a growing community committed to advancing market opportunities and increasing customer access to pasture-based meats. Attendees can expect more than twenty innovative class sessions on diverse topics, butchery demos, special technical tracks for professionals, and many opportunities for social networking.  

I'll be one of several salumists providing charcuterie for the Monday evening event. I'm excited to share with everyone!

Oct 21

Two Day Charcuterie Intensive

In this 2-day intensive, learn to confidently cure meats via salting, dehydration, smoking, and fermentation. We will begin with a half hog, and spend two days turning every scrap of it into charcuterie, from fresh sausages to smoked hams, pates and hard salamis. In addition to learning salumi craft, you'll engage with me and your classmates about topics of sustainable farming, mindful slaughter, artisan butchery, and inspired cookery. You'll get to taste your creations at a culminating class feast, and you'll get to take projects home to finish on your own. Best of all, you'll join a growing cohort of ethical meat practitioners in touch via social media, direct email, and community gatherings. 

Cost: $275/person includes copies of The Ethical Meat Handbook, and a guaranteed copy of Pure Charcuterie to be delivered to you hot off the press in November

Location: Meredith's house in Hendersonville, NC

Email me to get on the waiting list
(this will also get you first contact when the next intensive is scheduled.)

8:30 am08:30

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Annual Conference

I'll be teaching in the livestock track at the annual SAC hosted by Carolina Farm Stewardship Association in Durham NC. The conference is 2 days, but I'll be there only on Saturday Nov 4th.

Tickets will be on sale at a future date:

Jun 11

Mother Earth News Fair Burlington, Vermont

MENF goes to Vermont for the first time this year, where I'll be teaching Whole Animal Butchery and Introduction to Charcuterie. Tickets at


6:00 pm18:00

Elements of Cooking: SALT

The first in a series called "The Elements of Cooking", this class will explore the history, chemical properties, origins, nutrition, and best uses of one of the most basic ingredients: SALT. Future Elements classes will focus on FIRE, ACID, and FAT. 

Location: French Broad Food Co-op, Asheville NC


May 7

Asheville Mother Earth News Fair

The hugest sustainability fair in Asheville! I get to teach whole animal butchery and charcuterie! Tickets at 



9:00 am09:00

WNC Cheese Fest

Intro to Charcuterie class at the WNC Cheese Fest. Since cured meats go with artisan cheeses like peanut butter and jelly, you might as well get the skinny on curing your own meat while you buy up the best of the SE region's craft cheeses.

Mar 19

Homesteading Institute

I'll be teaching fermentation, butchery, and charcuterie at this two day intensive for homesteaders in Lawrence, KS. 

More info coming soon! 

6:00 pm18:00

Farm to Table Dinner

I will be providing an educational program as part of the day featuring a look at the local and organic agriculture movement and the synergy of factors that contribute to the quality and sustainability of our meal. This opportunity allows attendees to explore the role of good farming, mindful harvest, local and artisan food, and culinary ingenuity in the total experience of the day.

The Dining Experience: A family-style, abundant, and exquisitely prepared 4 course meal (choice of pork or vegetarian) of local, organic deliciousness, made and prepared by one of the top chefs in Asheville, John Fleer. John will be using whole food in a unique, artisan, and exciting way. Meal includes beer and cider.

For more info, click here

Feb 11

Two-Day Charcuterie Intensive

In this two-day intensive, learn to confidently cure meats via salting, dehydrating, smoking, and fermenting.  We will begin with a half hog, and spend our days turning every scrap of it into charcuterie, from fresh sausages to smoked hams, from pate to hard salami. In addition to the skills of salami craft, you’ll engage with your classmates on topics around sustainable farming, mindful slaughter, good cookery, and artisan butchering. Participants will get to taste their own creations along the way, take projects home, and join a growing community of ethical meat practitioners. Includes a copy of The Ethical Meat Handbook.

To register, click here.


Nov 20

Cycles of Life Workshop

I'll be teaching ethical slaughter and butchery of lamb at Wild Abundance. More info and registration here

Nov 12

Sustainable Poultry Network National Conference

I'll be leading a pre-conference intensive on poultry butchery and cooking. We will cover piecing, de-boning, charcuterie, and cooking, plus we will discuss how the animal's life effects the eating experience. This will be a great class for chefs, farmers who want to elevate their marketing,  or home cooks.

More info:

Aug 15


Craig Roger's lamb event of the year at his renowned Border Springs Farm. I'll be giving an "Ode to Lamb" and will have books available! 

Jul 10

Mother Earth News Fair West Bend, WI

Workshops offered:

Whole Hog Butchery
Using & Deboning a Whole Chicken
The BIG FOOD TALK-- a keynote of sorts

More information at

10:00 am10:00

4th o' July Meat Talk at Transylvania County Farmers Market

Come out to the farmers market for 4th of July weekend, and talk about what local meat to feature for your picnic. We'll focus on sourcing, cutting, brining, and smoking or grilling local poultry, but I'll be glad to talk beef or pork or whatever else in this informal visit to Transylvania County Farmers Market. You can buy a book or get it signed while you're there. 

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