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What am I all about? 

A holistic look at farming, living and eating.

 I have been working for half my life to advocate for, grow, cook, and create REAL FOOD.  I have worked in nearly every aspect of the food supply chain, and I have gained a vast amount of perspective. Do I think we can change things for the better? Absolutely.  We need connections and interaction between farmers, processors, retailers, and eaters to truly address our food conundrums. In my lectures and demonstrations, I challenge everyone to place diversity and synergy at the center of our understanding about food, farming, cooking, and eating, to inform whole systems thinking and accessible but radical solutions to environmental, economic, social, and health concerns. I speak throughout North America about food, farming, butchery, and cooking, to audiences of food citizens, chefs, culinary students, farmers, food distributors, educators, and more. 

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Plus some examples of previously available, most-sought classes:

-       2 hour class: What is Ethical Meat?: This class makes connections between environment, economy, culture, and science to discuss HOW we should think about what we eat, and WHY it matters. I explore questions and facts that will leave audiences with a new way of thinking about food that not only touch day-to-day dietary considerations, but also global perspective.

8 hour class & demo: Ethical Meat & The Profitable Livestock Farm: This class usually focuses on one species only, either beef, pork, lamb, or poultry, taking participants through the finer points of sustainable production, discussing planning for profit, production necessities, cost of production, processing, marketing, and butchery demo. The focus is on adding as much value as possible, strategies for business profitability and effectively working with the system as it is, while setting the stage for the systems we want later. 

- Whole Animal Butchery & Cooking for Beef, Pork or Lamb: In this class we break down an animal and discuss delicious and thrifty use of the entire carcass. Participants can watch or participate, and the class can be structured any way you like. 

- Using & De-Boning a Whole Chicken: In this class I share why starting with whole poultry is the most sustainable and economical option for the home cook. We discuss the politics of the poultry industry, small farm economic viability, genetics and breed selection, and we cover myriad ways to butcher a whole chicken and make best use of its parts. Included is a demo on de-boning the bird whole, to open up many avenues for creative culinary use.

- Introduction to Charcuterie: In this class, we explore the world of cured meats, from fresh sausages, pates, and terrines, to whole muscle cures and fermented meats. I overview the processes, cover history, science, demo sausage making and curing, and even discuss creating a home charcuterie cabinet. This class can be intensive and hands-on, or more lecture-style.

- Cooking Classes:

- Sauces 101
- Seasonal Vegetable Cooking
- Vegetable Fermentation
- "Things You Should be Making from Scratch"
- DIY Spice Blends & Rubs
- Candy Making for the Holidays
and more...


“I am a vegan, and I thought The Future of Eating was excellent. I may not change my ultimate dietary beliefs, but Meredith’s knowledge is astounding, and I absolutely agree with the holistic line of thinking.” – Annaliese, class participant at Carolina Farm Stewardship Conference.


“A total brain-tingle. I loved Meredith's workshop.” – Low Country Street Grocery, Charleston, SC


“Meredith completely blew me away.” – Kevin Feeny, chef & owner, Kitchen Sync, Greenville SC


"This lady knows her sh**!" - Adam, farmer


"Meredith does an excellent job at educating representatives from all along the value chain on the many ways that you can produce, process, market and prepare an incredible range of high-quality meat products, while simultaneously dispelling myths and encouraging a larger shift in food consciousness. " - Lucia Stephen, Food Activist and Program Coordinator for the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network's Grow A Farmer Initiative


"We hired Meredith to help us process 4 hogs, and we could not have done it without her. The group learned so many positive things, we produced hundreds of pounds of charcuterie and fresh meats, and Meredith made it an awesome experience!" - Tasha, homesteader


I charge a sliding scale fee per day (yep, farmers get a price break) + travel & lodging.
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