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Pure Charcuterie PRE-PURCHASE


Pure Charcuterie PRE-PURCHASE


Create beautiful cured meats in your own kitchen, revel in the delicious combination of craft and thrift, and discover creativity and empowerment through charcuterie practice. This book makes a case for meat preservation not only as a means of artistic expression and flavorful eating, but also as a form of activism. Includes delicious recipes that are reverent to tradition but evolved, reflecting culinary inventiveness. Color photo tutorials. 

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Salt, Sausage, Smoke...the artistry of curing your own meats...

Pre-purchase Pure Charcuterie and you'll support my efforts to teach, travel, and spread the word about the beauty, value, and essence of charcuterie. When the book arrives sometime in October, you'll receive not only a signed copy, but a special gift as a thank you for ordering in advance, directly from me. 

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