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PRE_ORDER The Ethical Meat Handbook, 2nd Ed. Revised, Updated, in Full Color

second ed cover art.jpg
second ed cover art.jpg

PRE_ORDER The Ethical Meat Handbook, 2nd Ed. Revised, Updated, in Full Color


It’s been shined, folks! The Ethical Meat Handbook- the most informative and delicious guide to bucking the food industry status quo- is coming out in full color, revised and expanded! Together, we are building systems that work for land, communities, animals, and people. This book lights the way. Recipes have been updated, production details have been added, more charcuterie details, thoughts on social justice in the food system, cut sheet diagrams, and an entire new chapter for the non-farming omnivore! And the pictures! Oh, the pictures.

Pre-order your copy today and you’ll get a free gift from the author, a signed book, and the knowledge that you are supporting an artist and creator DIRECTLY, by investing in the journey and the process of creating a book. It’s a labor of love, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks, as always, for your support.

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Together we are building food systems that work for communities, people, land, and animals. This book lights the way.

Pre-order to show your direct support, and enjoy one of the first signed copies, plus a free gift from me! The book includes:

-Background on meat production: economics, philosophy of Ethical Meat, and inspired options for buying, eating, and cooking

- Production info for raising your own beef, pork, lamb or goat, and poultry, with an inventive and holistic mindset and care for the land

-Recipes! Nearly 100 recipes for whole animal cookery and charcuterie plus beautiful photos!

-Cut Diagrams to help you understand each species, help you communicate with processors and butchers, and further your own butchery knowledge

-A chapter dedicated to “The Non-Farming Omnivore” with buying, sourcing, cutting, cooking, and activism tips that fully acknowledge the challenges to pursuing ethical meat in urban, isolated, or limited-resource environments.

-A call to action with respect to social justice and equity in the ethical meat pilgrimage. A welcome to all as we develop inclusive, fair, and safe food systems for everyone

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