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Salt, Sausage, Smoke...the artistry of curing your own meats...

Create beautiful cured meats in your own kitchen, revel in the delicious combination of craft and thrift, and discover creativity and empowerment through charcuterie practice. This book makes a case for meat preservation not only as a means of artistic expression and flavorful eating, but also as a form of activism. Includes delicious recipes that are reverent to tradition but evolved, reflecting culinary inventiveness. Color photo tutorials. 

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A holistic food manifesto...

The The Ethical Meat Handbook describes how we might endeavor to get good meat on our plates, and empower ourselves to own more of the process. Part philosophy, part technical instruction, and part memoir, this book gives eating more substance and soul. Included are discussions of economy, environment, agriculture, and social synergy, as well as complete instruction on whole animal butchery of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. All this, plus a complete chapter on charcuterie, and over 100 delicious recipes make this a must-have for everyone's culinary collection. 

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