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End of Summer

End of summer, oh,

I have not written.

I have been staring long
days into the

making plans
not nearly tired, just

putting up hopes
and all the work
of the year
into little buoyant seeds,

sudden coriander
from another, other

And my hair, oh my,
has grown long,

It reaches out like wise
oregano which I shove into a hat
and let
it sing its smell out in
a last expression

of flowers.

I have been here,
I have not written,

sitting still while little children
come up under me, sweet and woodsy

they are like mushrooms
with soft heads
and the way they convince me

that death
never even

I see now, I feel now,
all the many leaves
of time

doing what nothing else can do,
breathing what no one else can breathe

and I see now some plants

have the distinct problem
of waiting for the fruit so long
that the flower simply rots,

but I do not. 


Chicken Sausage w Charred Tomato & Basil

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Mushroom & Summer Squash Pâté w Red Pepper Sauce

Rolled Lamb Shoulder w Baba Ganouj & Tomatillo Jam

Shrimp & Fried Okra Tacos w Homemade Rooster Sauce

Summer Squash & Lemon Squares

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