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If You Didn't Do the Murdering

I dreamed it was my children
choking on the gas
and I had won an award for
The money
it would be useful
but it would never
buy back
the stolen land.
When I woke up
there was no money
and the little boys


Last week a woman said to me:
We thought if you didn't
do the murdering
there would be no one else,
but there was
and they killed double.
I asked her where did she
come from
and not which
battle she meant.
There was no time.
I said I was sorry for oppression.


The poet
living in a time of war
has only one choice
to cast a net
ten thousand ways.


Today a baby is born
in a breath
of suffering.
This is still a good thing, see?
For the woman who crossed.
For any hope that was lost.
We have felt
that the fresh air
won't clean us.

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