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{Everything is Delicious if You Do it Right}

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Consulting, Teaching, Speaking with a focus on diversity, synergy, and holism in agriculture, processing, and culinary.

Writing focused on the intersection between land and people, and land and cuisine.

17 years experience across the food supply chain

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Over the past 17 years, Meredith has worked as a farmer, butcher, chef, teacher, non-profit executive director, and writer,  all in pursuit of sustainable food. She has amassed a wealth of experience and perspective in re-imagining mindful foodways, and focus particularly on supply chain development, whole systems thinking, and the cultural implications of food activism.  She is passionate about integrated agriculture that includes plants and animals in dynamic rotation, soil and food microbiology, and food preservation.  She is the author of  The Ethical Meat Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore, (3rd place, MFK Fisher Award 2015) and Pure Charcuterie: The Craft & Poetry of Curing Meats at Home. Meredith works part time for Living Web Farms. She travels extensively teaching charcuterie and food production and processing to chefs, butchers, home cooks, and farmers. She lives with her partner and four children in Asheville, NC.



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